Topless Pumpkins Hubba Hubba

I’m slightly cranky from my baking exploits last night. The plan was:

1) Bake my boyfriend a batch of chocolate chip cookies
Reason 1: Use up some of this refined sugar and MILK chocolate chips on the
Reason 2: Be a nice girlfriend

2) Bake pumpkin bread from “The Kind Life” cookbook
Reason 1: Practice for August
Reason 2: Figure this is something I could throw this bag of ‘hazelnut meal’ into
that has been in my possession for about 5 years

Soooo I happen to be the world’s slowest prep cook. If a recipe suggests “10 minute Prep Time,” that translates to 60 minutes for moi. I can’t help it. I think I start daydreaming, or get distracted by watching my cat chase moths out the window. Whatever. I’m listening to music so it’s fine. What I am trying to say is that last night I baked for over three hours. 12 cookies. 2 loaves of bread. 3 hours.

I used butter in the cookies (I’m not vegan yet!) BUTT I decided that since I was doing a flaxseed egg substitute for the bread I’d do the same for the cookies. I’m thinking this might be why their bottoms burned to black crisp after baking for 5 or 6 minutes? Lesson learned. No egg changes the game. But I got plenty more dough. Next time I’ll bake at lower than 350 degrees and watch a little more closely.

But I loved the idea of flax-for-egg. I know flax has the good fats AND it’s a fun use of my food processor. 2 Tbsp flax seeds, 6 Tbsp water to sub for 2 eggs. Throw ’em in there and grind away.

Now the pumpkin bread. Maybe it’s cuz I added a cup of oats AND a cup of hazelnut meal (even though I didn’t add macadamias OR carob chips) AND because I only used 3.5 cups canned pumpkin instead of 5 BUTT my bread’s top was totally charred after ten minutes! I took it out, peeled off the carcinogen hat and proceeded to bake at 200 degrees (instead of 350) for another 15 min. Any more and it woulda burned again. Oh, I didn’t use spelt flour either, but still. Very frustrating, butt in the end, a minor victory. The topless bread with its gooey innards topped with Earth Balance was seriously delicious this morning for breakfast.

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