Day 17: Cleaning Out My Fri-idge

Breakfast: Cereal with blackberries, iced soy latte

Lunch: Leftover penne

Snacks: Vanilla soy yogurt with blackberries, vanilla soy yogurt with pumpkin flax granola (that’s two different snacks at two different times of the day)

Dinner: We’d been starting to amass tons of CSA peas and beans so I made a gigantic saute with Earth Balance and dried sage: beans, peas, 8-ball squash (looks like the ass-end of a zucchini). AND we used our Yukon and red potatoes to make garlic mashed potatoes with EB, soy and almond milk. I guarantee most people wouldn’t have known these were vegan. Rich, creamy, bad breathy.

Dessert: Last of the blackberry rhubarb crisp.

Am I having too much soy? I know too much can have bad effects in the long run if it’s in processed foods. I don’t think I am eating enough whole foods. I need to start doing more cooking. Maybe I will switch to iced ALMOND milk lattes once I finish up the soy carton. Unngh. I don’t want the soy to mess with the little amounts of estrogen I already have trickling through my veins. And too much soy for guys messes with their estrogen, too. Is this why all male Portland vegans wear skinny jeans and questionable headwraps? Peter Pan on the bottom, Miss Cleo on top.

I am going to upload pics of more of my tasty meals once I get around to it. Hopefully before vegan month ends, but if not, wipe yourself.

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