Day 18: Sweet Pea Bakery

I have no recollection what I ate on this day. More of the same, I’m sure. BUTT I did venture down to Sweet Pea Bakery on SE Stark. It’s all vegan and I had a really hard time deciding what to order since everything looked tasty. Well, I ordered wrong.

I got this peanut butter chocolate bar with an oatmeal crusty bottom. It was so heavy on peanut butter that it was all I could taste. It was sickenly rich. I ate one or two bites a day for the next 5 days cuz I didn’t want to waste food but I will not be ordering that again.

On the bright side, my sis ordered the salad of the day and an iced latte with Stumptown espresso. Sometimes I like Stumptown coffee while other times it’s too smoky or roasty or whatever for me, but I have never had a Stumptown espresso drink that wasn’t to die for.

And this salad was a masterpiece. Luckily she shared a bunch with me since it was addictively delicious. Mixed greens, garbanzos, some sort of pickled/marinated onion/other veggie, finely chopped dill pickles (awesome touch), a creamy lemony dressing and the crown jewel: tempeh bacon (I think). BY far the tastiest bacon I’ve had yet. Hands down. I can’t wait to return.

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