Day 22: Southwest Tofu Scramble at Genie’s

BUMMER! We go to Sweet Pea Bakery for the all-you-can-eat Sunday vegan brunch and there is such a swarm of skinny vegans in the place that they’ve run out of food and are ending brunch early. Noooooooo! It looked soooooooo gooooooood. CREPES! Asparagus! Whipped cream! Chocolate sauce! Potatoes! KALE!

So we go to Genie’s on Division, which I have never tried before. Not much catering to vegans on the menu (leave this and that out to make it vegan) but the server is very helpful and suggests the Southwest Scramble with Tofu instead of Eggs. PERFECT suggestion, buddy! It was awesome! This is my first time having tofu in a scramble like this and I will continue to do this forever. They were light and fluffy. Genie’s coffee was great, too.

Dinner: Corn on the cob with Earth Balance. Meatless Meatballs.

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