Day 21: Powerseed, AB&J, Blackberries and Plums, Nostrana!!!

Breakfast: Toasted Powerseed with Earth Balance and iced soy latte. I’m in a rush to get out the door…

Lunch: Visiting BF’s family an hour away. Luckily I packed myself an almond butter and jam sandwich because I was NOT informed we’d be eating lunch at the fam’s house. I thought we’d be going to restaurant. Oops. So amidst the platter of meaty lasagna and mac and cheese and buttery garlic bread, I had my little sandwich. Ugh. I woulda packed a more thorough spread for myself if I had known. Oh well. It all works out in the end because….

BLACKBERRY PICKING ABOUNDS! Gonna be eating these all week.

And we pick tons of apples for baking.

AND in my rooting around in the woods I discover the world’s tastiest plum on this hidden plum tree. I will remember this plum for the rest of my life. You had to be there…

Dinner: Back in PDX and time to hit up Late Night Happy Hour at Nostrana for pizza marinara and Campari and soda. The guy that served us is the greatest server in town. We’ve had him before and sometimes I get a little distracted by how masterful his serving is – the second your water runs out he’s filling it, the second the plates are cleared he’s wiping off the table crumbs. And it’s not in an annoying way either – it’s very stealth. Thanks, guy!

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