Day 25: Hungry Tiger’s Tofu Wings and Mac-n-‘Cheese’

Big, big, discovery for Yours Poo-ly today. I finally ventured into the Hungry Tiger Too to experience their vegan menu right alongside the regular menu.

Eureka! It was 40cent wing night! You can get torture wings OR tofu ‘wings.’ Now, if you put spicy buffalo sauce on tofu sticks, I will order it no matter where I’m at. If that’s on a menu, I’m getting it. Though a lot of time it’s between 5 and 7 bucks for not that many. Not on Wing Night at Hungry Tiger Too! I had 2 giant tofu buffalo wing for 80 dang cents and they were MINDBLOWING.

I woulda got more but I just had to order the vegan mac-n-cheese as well. I ordered the large portion for 10bucks (planning on leftovers) which came with a side salad with awesome vegan ranch. The mac-n-cheese slowly grew on me. I think it woulda been better had the breadcrumbs been baked in as opposed to just sprinkled on top at the end (at least I think that’s what happened). But like I said, each bite got better and better, esp. with a little Siracha sauce. It was hard to only eat half, but I really wanted it for lunch he next day so I did good. Little did I know I was about to experience the best leftovers of…my…life!!!!

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