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Day 9: AB&J, Squash Skillet, Fried Tofu Mint Salad

Breakfast: More Flax Plus cereal with almond milk and almond latte. I know bad things can happen from too much soy but I wonder about almond overdose. Maybe you just get fat. Lunch: Trader Joe’s Almond Butter w/Flax and raspberry … Continue reading

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Day 8: Smoothie, Biwa, Vegan Voodoo Donut!

So yesterday I was jonesin’ for Morningstar Bacon and it turns out that crap ain’t even CLOSE to being vegan. UNNNNNNGH. Neither is the breakfast sausage. Or the Buffalo Wings. FART! But I got the most killer cereal now so … Continue reading

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Day 6: Chipotle’s Stretch Mark Vegan Burrito

Chipotle tries to act like it’s all concerned about environmentally-friendly practices and humane animal treatment, their web site says that currently only 35% of their dairy cows are pasture-raised. What a load of crap! Continue reading

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