Day 19: Tofurky Pizza, Than Thao Delight

Today’s lunch was my first venture into store-bought vegan pizza. It was on sale at Whole Foods for 6 bucks which is still high for frozen pizza, but I had to try it. And it’s usually 10 bucks! Tofurkey brand and it had lots of veggies and sausage. If I were permanently going vegan I might get it again for a quick and lazy fix, but I wasn’t blown away. The Daiya cheese really did melt well and the consistency of everything was fine, but it kinda just tasted like a cheap frozen pizza, kinda Red Baron-y.

Dinner: Woohoo! My boyfriend got a teaching job today! After 5 years of substitute teaching! We celebrate at Than Thao on Hawthorne and order our very favorite: Vegetarian Than Thao Delight. Tons of veggies and tofu in a spicy red curry sauce. TT is cool because it’s got Vietnamese chefs cooking Thai food so it’s this neat hybrid. Our Delight dish is not like a traditional Thai red curry (which I also love), it’s a little less creamy and has this smoky, almost Hawaiian touch.

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Day 18: Sweet Pea Bakery

I have no recollection what I ate on this day. More of the same, I’m sure. BUTT I did venture down to Sweet Pea Bakery on SE Stark. It’s all vegan and I had a really hard time deciding what to order since everything looked tasty. Well, I ordered wrong.

I got this peanut butter chocolate bar with an oatmeal crusty bottom. It was so heavy on peanut butter that it was all I could taste. It was sickenly rich. I ate one or two bites a day for the next 5 days cuz I didn’t want to waste food but I will not be ordering that again.

On the bright side, my sis ordered the salad of the day and an iced latte with Stumptown espresso. Sometimes I like Stumptown coffee while other times it’s too smoky or roasty or whatever for me, but I have never had a Stumptown espresso drink that wasn’t to die for.

And this salad was a masterpiece. Luckily she shared a bunch with me since it was addictively delicious. Mixed greens, garbanzos, some sort of pickled/marinated onion/other veggie, finely chopped dill pickles (awesome touch), a creamy lemony dressing and the crown jewel: tempeh bacon (I think). BY far the tastiest bacon I’ve had yet. Hands down. I can’t wait to return.

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Day 17: Cleaning Out My Fri-idge

Breakfast: Cereal with blackberries, iced soy latte

Lunch: Leftover penne

Snacks: Vanilla soy yogurt with blackberries, vanilla soy yogurt with pumpkin flax granola (that’s two different snacks at two different times of the day)

Dinner: We’d been starting to amass tons of CSA peas and beans so I made a gigantic saute with Earth Balance and dried sage: beans, peas, 8-ball squash (looks like the ass-end of a zucchini). AND we used our Yukon and red potatoes to make garlic mashed potatoes with EB, soy and almond milk. I guarantee most people wouldn’t have known these were vegan. Rich, creamy, bad breathy.

Dessert: Last of the blackberry rhubarb crisp.

Am I having too much soy? I know too much can have bad effects in the long run if it’s in processed foods. I don’t think I am eating enough whole foods. I need to start doing more cooking. Maybe I will switch to iced ALMOND milk lattes once I finish up the soy carton. Unngh. I don’t want the soy to mess with the little amounts of estrogen I already have trickling through my veins. And too much soy for guys messes with their estrogen, too. Is this why all male Portland vegans wear skinny jeans and questionable headwraps? Peter Pan on the bottom, Miss Cleo on top.

I am going to upload pics of more of my tasty meals once I get around to it. Hopefully before vegan month ends, but if not, wipe yourself.

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Day 16: Leftovers, Popcorn, Whiskey Cocktail

Breakfast: Cereal, latte.

Lunch: Leftover Coconut Banana Curry

BIG BERTHA SNACK: My weakness is popcorn and popcorn I made. Popped it in safflower oil on the stove top and sprinkled with a snowstorm of nutritional yeast. Watched the last eps of BH90210 Season 5 – getting ready for BH90210 trivia night on 9-02-10!

My sis also brought me an iced soy latte from Starbucks. It was delightful on this sweltering afternoon.

So I do the Jillian workout and of course must reward myself with more food. Finish off the coconut curry. Eat some microwaved sweet potatoes topped with agave syrup. Super good. Eat some granola and a spoon or 4 of Purely Decadent dessert stuff. AND a whiskey cocktail made with maple syrup and grapefruit juice. Sometimes at the end of the night I just can’t stop. Oh well. I won’t get large if I keep doing Jillian but I also won’t be a wiry little vegan waif either.

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Day 15: Smart Bacon Sub, Sweet Potato Patties

Breakfast: Still hot as the blazes out! Cereal and latte.

Lunch: Venture out to the Redneck Riviera of Lewis and Clark State Park. In between seeing the guy with the swastika chest tattoo and the meth-face lady beating her scottie dog, I eat the best vegan sandwich Seth has ever made thanks to Smart Bacon. Tons of veggies and again, the rice cheese adds a nice texture. Snack on more Kettle chips, cantaloupe and grapes.

Dinner: Grill party! Sweet potato patties from Whole Foods are awesome. They have cranberries in them! Seitan slaw from WF that leaves something to be desired, namely, flavor. Sea salt and vinegar Kettle chips. Leftover rhubarb-blackberry crisp. Another beer, too.

Disclaimer: I have been having a multivitamin every day of Vegan Month to get my B-12 and the vitamin ain’t vegan – it has fish in it. BUTT I already had bought them a few months ago so whatever.

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Day 14: Veggie Dogs, Avocado, Rhubarb-Blackberry-Oatmeal Crisp

Breakfast: Same cereal and almond milk. Iced soy latte. When it’s hot as balls sometimes cereal is all you want for breakfast. Oh, but it was topped with fresh picked blackberries we scored off the side of the road on Sauvie Island.

Lunch: We go to the Adult Soap Box Derby on Mt. Tabor. Our friends Laura and Karl jazz things up and bring a charcoal grill up the 96 steps in the 96 degrees. Veggie dog bonanza! Topped with avocado, ketchup and mustard on a whole wheat bun. I really like these Smart Dogs but they’re mostly a vehicle for toppings. FIne by me. Snack on Sea Salt Kettle CHips and grilled corn with Earth Balance. This is the first time we got our act together enough to have delicious food at an outdoor event swarmed with people. Usually, it’s me drooling over what I see others cooking. Not today! I even had a Coors Light which is like high-calorie water. It was actually good though. I also had a hard apple cider. And a little buzz.

Dinner: Busted out the umeboshi-vegenaise dressing combo again. The salad consisted of garden greens, chard and spearmint. Topped with black-eyed peas, cucumber, tomato, and crumbled seaweed rice cake. Even meat-eating Karl liked it!

Dessert: Rhubarb-blackberry oatmeal crisp that I made. The CSA rhubarb was piling up so we put it all to use. Now THIS was ‘purely decadent.’

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Day 13: Iced Soy Latte, Bahn Mi from Huong’s, Penne

Breakfast: The Flax-Plus Maple Pecan Crack is gone so it’s Flax-Plus Pumpkin Raisin something. It’s really good but nowhere near as good as the maple pecan. Oh, and every day now I’m doing iced soy latte at breakfast with agave syrup. I have an espresso machine my sis gave me and it’s the greatest present ever.

Lunch: Bahn-Mi’s from Huong’s Vietnamese foodcart downtown. We took ’em out to Sauvie Island for a day at the beach. Again, best bahn mi in town. Snack on medjool dates and tortilla chips throughout the day.

Dinner: Seth makes Penne! Penne noodles, can of whole peeled tomatoes, tons of garlic, sea salt, evoo, parsley, basil from garden. I sprinkled some nutritional yeast on top to experiment. It’s good!

Dessert: Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Mint Chocolate Chip. It’s good- kinda reminds me of gelato. It’s particularly nice to taste chocolate. Haven’t had that in a while. Though I wouldn’t describe this dessert at ‘purely decadent.’

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